Latest achievments in research of the oldest history of the Vybornys from Okrouhlicti Dvoraci


Nastin dejin Okrouhlickych Dvoraku

The last half of the year we dedicated to the study of the history of the village of Okrouhlicti Dvoraci, from where, as we still assume, one branch of the Vyborny family had its origin.

At the beginning of the research we had only limited knowledge of the first two or three generations of the Vybornys. There were only a few records in vital registers of parishes in Nemecky Brod and Krasna Hora.

1. We knew that Martin Vyborny was a landlord's farm administrator at Pelestrov, where he came after 1720 and replaced previous administrator Tomas Safar, who either died or was released. Martin died on 16.8.1753 at the age of 79 years (birth in or about 1674).

2. Martin had a son, named Vaclav, born bef. 1730. Vaclav married on 30.10.1750 Salomena widow Koukal from the village of Zdar. The family then moved from the farm to #19 to the hamlet of Pelestrov, which was located about 1/2 mile from the yard.

3. Next administrator of the farm became Jan Vyborny, son after late Jan Vyborny from Smolovy. This Jan was perhaps Martin's nephew. The post of administrator was not hereditary, therefore no wonder, that the original administrator's family had to left the farm.

4. Jan Vyborny in Smolovy is mentioned for the first time in vital registers in Smolovy in 1742, when he, as a widower, married Salomena Dusek from a vilage of Vadin.

5. The last record is from 1718 and confirms the marriage between Pavel Vyborny, widower with Anna Rydl from Dvoraci. This is the oldest record, which mentions the surname Vyborny. It was not recorded before. It would mean, that the original surname was different. But which one? We are of the opinion, that the originaly family name is one of 24 "dvoraks", more or less independant farmers, who lived on the Okrouhlice estate on area from Veselice to Frydnava.

During our research we found three more facts, that helped us to broaden the history of Vybornys by one more generation.

A. Martin in Pelestrov, Pavel,widower, and Jan Vyborny in Smolovy were probably brothers. It was already Josef Vyborny, M.D., in the 19th century, who came to the same solution.

Supposing, their family name was different at the beginning, we tried to determine, if there was any other Martin, who would have married latest by the end of the 17th century, and providing that he was born around 1674, his marriage should have occured not before 1690-1695.

In this period there were only two records, that could correspond to our stipulated conditons:

a] 1690 Martin Dvorsky married Zuzana Vejzicky. Dvorsky was the name of the local rychtar / judge, who was in charge of administering of all 24 dvoraks on the estate. The Dvorskys lived in Veselice. In 1651, there was a Tomas Dvorsky, 56 year-old judge with young wife Katerina and two sons Matous (*abt. 1637) and Jirik (*abt. 1645). Tomas was the master of the farm still in 1654 and his successor was Vit Dvorsky in 1680. In 1714 Vit is named as Vit Beranek, which seems to be the original family name of the judges' .

b] 1698 Martin "dvorak" from Podebaby married Katerina widow Pokorny from Nemecky Brod. This record is more interesting than the previous one.

In Podebaby, there were 6 following dvoraks' families:

It is more than probable, that Martin dvorak from 1698 was descendent of one of the named families.

B. Jan Vyborny had been living in Smolovy far before 1742, when he, as a widower, married Salomena Dusek from Vadin. He died before 1649. We know he had sons Matej, who became miller in Krasna Hora, Josef, Vaclav, who kept on the father's farm in Smolovy old # 11 and is there recorded for the first time in 1749, Jan, who became administrator in Pelestrov after his uncle, and Martin from second marriage (*1744).

But the question is, when he came to Smolovy and from where, and what was his original family name. Following is what we found about Smolovy in 18th century:

The village of Smolovy came into being between 1714 - 1719. The Land Register, called "Tereziansky katastr" gives us names of 29 farmers on the whole area of the Okrouhlicti Dvoraci, of which 22 are original settler from earlier times. There are 7 new farmers, who were somhow related to the original ones and received divided parts of their farms. None of them lived in area what was known as Smolovy.

In 1719 there were named three more settlers - Tomas Adamec, Jirik Starek and Jan Pribyl, who bought land from old farmers Vitek, Pecen, Urban, Valenta and Pansky, i.e. from famrers, who owned lands in a place, known as Smolov. Tomas Adamec bought 32 strichs of fields (1,4 acre =1 strich), Jirik Starek 42 strichs and Jan Pribyl only 22 strichs.

In 1749 there were three farms in Smolovy. The northernmost ( # 11 in 1770) farm belonged to Vaclav Vyborny, the neighboring (#12) belonged to Vaclav Sefranek and the southernmost (# 13) was in possession of Pavel Svec. By comparing the field areas, we were able to link the three original settlers in 1719 with those in 1749:







Jan Pribyl

22 strichs

Vaclav Vyborny

19 strichs (+ 22 strichs later rented)


Tomas Adamec

32 strichs

Vaclav Sefranek

32 strichs


Jiri Starek

42 strichs

Pavel Svec

37 strichs

But what is the connection between Jan Pribyl and Vaclav' s father Jan Vyborny ? I guess they are the same person. The surnames before 1770 were not fixed and may have changed, for which we have many examples.

A newcomer to the village was called for instance Novak or Novotny (= a new man), or Pribyl (= who completed the former inhabitants). And this is our case. Jan, who settled in Smolovy in 1719 in fact completed the number of new settler to three. He came just before the register in 1719 was made and when the local judge reported, who are the settlers in Smolovy, he was unable to state his proper family name. Only later, when Jan Pribyl had lived there for years, the neighbors knew his earlier, proper family name - VYBORNY. But where he was from ? Again an unaswered question, or not ?

C. Kindlly note, that when Jan Vyborny in Smolovy became a widower, he brought his second wife not from his neighborhood, but from a village of Vadin. Vadin was not too far, only 4 miles from Smolovy, but to get there a traveler had to go to Podebaby, then to pass the Podebaby mill on the Usobsky creek, to continue to Klanecna and only from there to Vadin? Why such a long way ? Did he have there any relatives, or friends ? Wouldn' t have been easier for him to find a good situated widow in Okrouhlicti Dvoraci, Podebaby, Lipa, or even in the city of Brod? Smolovy had its church in Brod, whereas Vadin in Krasna Hora… Yes, there must have been some links between Vyborny in Smolovy and Vadin.

To our surprise we found, that in 1714 in Land Register (Tereziansky katastr), a Hans (= Jan) Vyborny is mentioned on a farm in Vadin ! He owned a Kocirovska farm with 40 strichs of fields. This farm was originally empty, waste, as was stated in previous Registers (Berni rola, the Roll of Assessments) in 1654 and 1680. Vyborny is recorded there only in 1714. Not earlier, not later. In 1749 this farm is already in hands of Vaclav Svec.

These were the new facts. The following are again only hypotheses, we will try to confirm by a new research in vital register from 1652 (Krasna Hora]) or 1662 (Nemecky Brod) to 1750s and in first Land owners' registers of the estate of Okrouhlice.

A scenario based on previous facts:

  1. In Podebaby, there lived a Klofac family. They belonged to the circle of the dvoraks and their fields had an area of 45 acres (60 strichs). The first name of the farmer is not known, but his wife was Anna. She became a widow after the birth of younger son Jan (* abt. 1640) and she had to run the farm by herself, until older son Tomas Klofac became adult ( betw. 1652-1654).
  1. The owner of the Klofacs' farm became older son Tomas Klofac (*abt. 1634), whereas younger Jan was still too young. Tomas died in 1680/1681. In 1714 his son Vit Klofac is recorded as an owner, in 1749 grand-son Martin Klofac (he was godfather of all Vybornys' children in Smolovy)
    1. Younger son Jan Klofac married somehere in Dvoraci. He had three sons: Pavel, Martin, who was born in abt. 1674, and Jan. From certain character reasons, Jan Klofac received a nickname Vyborny. He settled on a waste Kocirovska farm in Vadin. He owned 40 strichs of fields. In 1714 still alive, but supposingly he died shortly thenafter. Of his sons:
  1. Martin dvorak (Klofac - Vyborny) from Podebaby married Katerina Pokorny in Nemecky Brod and became a farm administrator at Pelestrov. He got the father's nickname Vyborny and died in 1753.
    1. Pavel (Klofac) Vyborny became adult and married. Before 1718 his spouse died and therefore he married for the second time with Anna Ridl from Ridls' farm in Okrouhlicti Dvoraci (her father Pavel Ridl ?). Pavel was in service there as a farm hand.
  1. Jan (Klofac) Vyborny got married around this year.

Before 1719 Jan (Klofac) Vyborny bought some land on the northern edge of the Smolovy forest and settled there under the name Jan Pribyl.

Jan' s sons were Matej (later miller at Krasna hora), Josef, Vaclav (his successor on the farm #11 in Smolovy) and Jan (administrator at Pelestrov).

  1. Jan (Klofac) Vyborny married for 2nd time with Salomena Dusek from Vadin. He died before 1749.
  1. Jan's son Vaclav Vyborny became a new farmer on #11 in Smolovy. In the same year Vaclav Vyborny married Rozalie, daughter of Matej Beranek from Veselice. His groomsman was Martin Klofac from Dvoraci. The Klofacs from Dvoraci (Podebaby) were the godparents of all his children.


Additional information:

The land possession of farmer Vaclav Vyborny in Smolovy in 1749:


a) behind the barn 3 1/4 strichs

b) beneath the Podebaby drive 3 1/8

c) under the Kukle 1

d) above the Kukle 3/4

e) behind the Michalovice drive 2 1/8

f) at the woodcoal stove 2 1/2

g) by the side of the barn 2 1/4

h) accross the house at the gate 3 1/2


i) lower meadow under Smolovy 1

j) waste pond at the lower meadow 1

k) at Klobasek' s ponds 1 1/2

In total: 18 1/2 strichs of fields

    1. 1/2 strichs of meadows


The land rented to Vaclav Vyborny by the landlords (1757)


l) behind the barn by the side of the field drive 0 morgen 1166 sqr. fathoms

m) at the Smolovy drive, behind the garden 2 531

n) by the side of Jenikov drive 2 103

o) behind the pine grove at the Michalovice drive 3 303

p) at the Michalovice drive 1 1510

q) obciny {commune} 1 1457

In total: 12 morgen 270 sqr. fathoms

(about 25 strichs)

1 morgen = 1600 sqr fathoms

1 morgen = 2 strichs